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My first time experience with, I saw high rewarding app downloads. When I saw it, I thought it'd be a nice offer to do, 1440 points for the game that I was doing the offer for. I spent at least 3 days towards the game trying to get to a level 10 HQ to get my points however after all that Persona'ly didn't reward anything, so I figured I'd get in touch. All they did was tell me that apparently 'My IP was not new to the app' and closed the ticket in udner 24hrs. Wtf is that? Poor service? Sure is, SuperSonic legit replies within 15 minutes even though they say 3 days and they ALWAYS reward it unless I've done the offer before. SponsorPay takes about 3hrs to reward your points after getting in touch but that is sure as well better than I do not ever remember doing this offer before on this app, this app was completely new to me, considering I also started from scratch and had to do the tutorial etc... even registered under my email. This is another one of those companies that never reward you, if you check my 'Support' area, there's quite a few offers there that never awarded me. Looks like I just have to avoid you guys before you waste more time. 

To anyone reading this, save your time and do not do any surveys/app downloads with these people. They're only as good as Matomy; one above from the bottom of the list.

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they are cheats

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I tried to email them and all they said was that the provider of the offer stated my IP was not new to the app. That's 100% wrong, I was not familiar with the app before after installing it and progressing through it all. They asked for proof as if I'd known this would happen. And how was I supposed to prove that since I never took screenshots of the app from the beginning? Can't they check my history of when I registered as I registered on the exact same day I started using that app. It's a load of crap. I recommend SuperSonic as they automatically confirm your ticket and reward you your credits in a matter of seconds after completing the offer. And you get 15mins to write a ticket and always receive a response within another 15mins. It makes look like a lazy company. Not to mention they offer the same offer again after a while. It sounds like I'm sponsored by them lol but honestly i'm just trying to get to be aware of how unsatisfied I am with the experience. 

Also, I can't email them back since they closed the ticket instantly after sending that message. Could have saved my time by telling me that my IP was not new and the offer was unavailable...

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