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Jackpot City app for iOS

I tried to do this offer but it says "You have already completed this offer"

I don't get it. This offer just appeared today. I have never done it here or anywhere else.

Why does it say this?? I have never installed this app before on any device. I have never even heard of it before today. How could I have completed it already??

Данное приложение ранее не устанавливал, я никогда не слышал об этом приложение до того дня, пока не став выполнять задание. Проблема не решена, вознаграждение я так и не получил.

???? I don't speak russian

I can't use all of the apps related to my rewards/and points..but I can wait when I able to use it..and I hope I achieve what I want from there..thank you
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