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Didn't get coins and can't see my ticket

Few days ago I installed app "Love tester" for 16.5 coins and didn't get them. Then I send ticket, but I can't see it in "opened tickets" and "closed tickets". When I try to send ticket again it says I already send a ticket. I also tried contact to support but I didn't get response.

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Same problem.

Saya belum dapat koin dan kapan saya mendapat koin

same here bro...

Same. I have done Revetal offers, i should be getting like over 400 coins for all the offer i have done.
I installed like 6 games yesterday and you guys CLOSED ALL MY TICKETS AND DID NOT GIVE ME A EINGLE DIAMOND!!! WTF? I downloaded Mobile Strike as one of them it took me 5 LONG hours to reach level 10 and for what ?!?

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Complete waste of time. Half the offers don't even go to the correct app in the app store. They expect you to have your adblocker off but most of them point to some virus infested site. Then even when you're taken to the correct app, you have to hope you're not wasting hours doing the requirements.

Forget about any kind of customer service. They all just come back with the same reply that their "provider" has no record of the completion. Then when you reply back, they just delete the ticket and ignore you.


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^^ true

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I didnt get my points either.

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 true :( didn't get mine either

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Bende aynı durumdayım

Didnt get any points either

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30 minutes answering the questionnaire that promised me 6000 points, I concluded and guess what? I did not get anything. Although they affirm that yes...

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