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Complete waste of time. Don't bother with this scamming site

Half the apps don't even take you to the correct app in the app store. The other half, you'll get to download/install, then run, then do what's required and YOU WILL STILL NOT GET ANY CREDIT FOR THEM.

Do not waste your time with these scammers. They will lie about how they have no record or how you have the wrong device. All lies. Then when you press the issue, they just delete the ticket and stop replying.


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I agree with you guys that is one huge scam. I wonder when will this site be taken down and the scammers prosecuted for fraud?
agree. I just knew how useless and cunning they are.
Yeah I tried downloading apps and even completing a survey correctly. I got zero points and this is the worst scam ever. My support ticket I sent they never respond. Use a better service like Adgate or even offertoro
You are right . This site Is FRAUD.

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same lmao wasted like 30 minutes doing offers then when I make a ticket they disappear after a day without getting answered.

I submitted around 4 support tickets, they all got deleted.

Agreed! I opened 3 tickets yesterday complete with proof (screenshots) after completing offers and not receiving credit. Today, they had ALL magically disappeared. I sent ANOTHER ticket describing what happened, but that one will probably be deleted as well..

This site appears to be a huge scam and there is no actual customer service from what I have witnessed so far.

You'll follow their link, install the app, not be credited, make a ticket, your ticket will be deleted.

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3 people like this is the worst site and as well

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well said....they are scums

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