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Didn't get my Coins


12 Days ago I did the Bet At Home Offer on Tremor Games. After I didn't get the Coins i opened a Ticket. The Answer was it takes 7 Business... now after more than 7 Business Days I still haven't my Coins. And the Ticket I opened got instant closed after the answer of the Supporter... very bad services...

So How I get my Coins ? 

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ı think so manı have done a survey one week ago and didnt get my credits so ı opened a ticket and send them the screenshot of the last page of survey but they say ''it is not the last page'' ı have sent them the same screenshot  4 times but they answered same  worst support service ever made

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Yes, I agree. Shit Support... no reactions for days not even on this Thread....

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Did'nt get my money?
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