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Tickets disappearing

For some reason, when I try to make a ticket, it disappeared after some time. When this happens, it is completely gone, it's not at closed or solved tickets. Is someone else also experiencing this?

6 people have this problem

I did with a few tickets. They will not listen and just close tickets,

Today Sunday I get the information of Ticket number 130480.

same here my two tickets got disappeared

I did my registration but they did not send me the ap as they said in the game of grand fantasia or the ap

sono scomparsi due ticket per mancati pagamenti crowdflower

There's no support system in place. It seems to be an automated bot. They deny and close tickets automatically with an automated response. They don't check cases and they delete the evidence and tickets. it's common practice here and has been for some time. They need to be reported.
Yup. That's a data-mining bunch of thieves for you.


Yeah I submitted a ticket and it said i'd receive an email, but I never got one.

Relatório na plataforma em que o PersonaLy está hospedado. Estou enviando o quinto bilhete reivindicando meus pontos com provas e eles fecham os ingressos. Não confiável

Report on the platform where PersonaLy is hosted. I am sending the fifth ticket claiming my points with evidence and they close tickets. Not trustworthy

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