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i never get my points or get the help i ask for

can someone just give me the points I worked for? it has been about 4 weeks now and I haven't gotten any closet to get my points!

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Well, no. This is a data-mining operation meant to steal as much info about us as possible.

Reporting to the BBB

Never received the points i was intitled for.   Keep getting 'declined' after finishing a complete survey! 

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Semuanya sudah diselesaikan dan tiket terbuka tapi sampai sekarang tidak mendapatkan poin yang di janjikan

They are not good at in their jobs.. That's why we cannot get what we have already. So dont do any other jobs if they give you. That's the solution of that problem. I will not have their surveys never ever. 

Take care. :D

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I do not get anything from my points that I can help
I do not receive my points
Fiz todas as pesquisar corretamente e n ganhei nada isso e roubo

 They are scammers

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These scammers have bots in place to deny any credit even with proof


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I been complete offer and not receive credits, i open ticket and send proof support reply me: This is not the end page of our offers/survey

I reopen ticket and support reply me: 

This is not the end page of our offers/survey

for 4 time reply only: This is not the end page of our offers/survey

any person reply but not human person

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Exactly, This is not the end of the page, was the only answer I got. Replied to it, with no answer at all.

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I've had it work for me for the first few days, and now it straight up stopped working. I even have photo evidence, and they jus deleted my ticket as a result. Definitely rate down this site on the BBB.

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