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i never get my points or get the help i ask for

can someone just give me the points I worked for? it has been about 4 weeks now and I haven't gotten any closet to get my points!

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same here, I sended all the possible proof there is to show them that the offer I did was completed. but every response from them is weird like they were looking for an excuse to not pay out what you deserve. pure money-grubbers if you ask me.

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Eu fiz 3 reclamações com todas as evidências e eles deletaram os tíquetes em menos de 24 horas, reclamaram no Bitgames ou no site que usaram, o PersonaLy será removido, reclamou

Sexta denúncia encerrada, PERSONA.LY não tem nenhum respeito pelo nome e colaborador. Eles vão perder o Bitgames e logo perderão todo o mercado

Nenhuma resposta do Persona.Ly, deve ser scan

ne more ticket closed, I'll open another, it's the eighth

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