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Same automated response ?

I made a ticket to get help me because I didn’t get the points after I completed a free trial and they I sent them proof multiple times and got the same automated response.

I have the same problem. That is very disrespectful in my opinion, to not even listen to what I am saying and closing my ticket without any help.

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Same issue, anyone found other ways of contacting these guys or rating them badly?

I work in advertising/affiliation, so am pushing anyone I know to stop traffic/revenue for them, but feel I could do a lot more :)

I’ve been looking for ways to contact them but I keep ending up back here. If there’s a problem with the servers, they should at least address it on the forums! I really hope to get a phone number or something.

Has somebody a picture of an End page from an offer ?

Of course.. Depends on the offer, but if the offer is:
install and run, the only pictures you can send are proof of installation (screenshot of the app on your phone) and a screenshot of the app open on your phone.

I always supply both

Same issue

So I had the same Issue with not getting points but since today i get the points from offers ? Anybody know why ?

Que pérdida de dedicación de mi tiempo mediocre el trabajo de este soporte ....y les pagan por esto ...más no hacen nada .

Same, they haven't even fixed my problems...

wtf i get the answer " this is not the end site of the offer"

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