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this offer wall is a fucking scam uploaded proof that i completed the offer and they keep saying i did not its bullshit


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Yea, they are a waste of time

Scammers confirmed, they keep closing and deleting my tickets without any answer after i send them all proofs.

these fuckers

It just happened to me too. How are they even still operating with this many complaints? You know that we are definitely not the only ones. This is the most unprofessional site I've ever dealt with. Hello!!!! Does anyone hear us? An actual human would be nice.
If you legitimately completed an offer, then you need to keep at them.

Every bit of time spent closing a report with lies is money wastefully spent on that support worker.

If enough of us actually follow through on this, if they're smart they'll stop it. I'm currently on day 6 now sending multiple messages a day until they give me what I'm owed.

You guys should do the same.

Also, their main site is advertising working with the Coalition Against Ad Fraud. Pretty sure the CAAF probably doesn't want to work with demonstrable scammers so I'd advise contacting them with all of your evidence.

If they start losing business partners maybe they'll smarten up.

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qe estafa

scammers scammers scammers scammers scammers scammers scammers scammers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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