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Good luck mate, keep replying to the support ticket until they give up.
This is a bullshit company and I am instructing my own company to stop providing them traffic.

You cannot pull this shit in advertising and expect to get away with it.

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I completely agree. The support is ridiculous, I expected so much more. I have exact, clear evidence that I completed an offer and they’re telling me “This is not the end page of the offer”. ??? The offer said to get a free trial, I showed them screenshots of my RECEIPT TO THE COMPANY SAYING I GOT A FREE TRIAL and yet every 24 hours, I get the same response “”This is not the end page of the offer”” .. did he support bother to a) read what the offer required and/or b) looked at the attachments I sent???? I feel extremely disrespected. This feels like a waste of my time.

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