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Not Getting Real Support

I have opened two tickets, in both cases I had completed the offer exactly in accordance with the providers instructions yet I have not received credit. This is usually the case for offers regarding credit card information, I was aware that I would likely need to open a ticket and therefore I took multiple screenshots confirming that I completed the offer perfectly. Customer service here sucks because I got the same automated response THREE times in a row, completely ignoring my questions and concerns. To add, I’m getting a useless response at the same time every 24 hours. AND after every automated response my ticket is closed without ANY help, whatsoever. Not only have I not received any credit for the offers I have completed, but I’m not even given the respect of having an actual conversation with an actual human being that will address my concerns and answer my questions. It is getting extremely frustrating to wait ages for support regarding this issue to only be pushed aside and the ticket to be closed. It’s like the support can’t be bothered to deal with an actual problem, let alone speak to one of their customers instead of pasting an automated response. If anyone even reads this, especially the support at, PLEASE kindly help me with my tickets.

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Supposedly are having problems with their servers. This was informed to me by a company that uses these guys, and seem to be the current way to contact anyone. I've created many tickets, but never gotten a response.

They could at least make a forum post about it or something, right? How long have you been having this problem?

Nearly 2 weeks

Its about the xsnews offer, am i right? Well i did that offer today but so it seems like it doesnt work too to call the support. Well, thats far from nice. Anyone issues too with that survey? I wonder if I coule get points.
Yes, one of them is the XS News offer. Extremely frustrating and annoying as I have completed everything the offer tells me to.
Yes me too

Okay here's my problem, I keep completing quizzes only for the quiz to say I've completed it and bring me back to with more quizzes but then still not give me credit, it doesn't email me the results it doesn't even show I've finished the quiz in my messages or emails other then the you've finished the quiz page and brining me back to Then when I submit a ticket and try to show evidence with screenshots on as well as screen shots of the tickets i've submitted your help service still doesn't register this as proof. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GET PROOF OF SOMETHING THAT ISN'T EVEN BEING REGISTERED BY IMVU AS BEING COMPLETED. How is this system helpful at all? That's like telling someone they need the password to reset their password, the solution becomes the problem that the person tried to fix to begin with!

I'm having the same issue. I recommend everyone to file a complaint with me to BBB. Maybe then they will do what's right so their brand image isn't ruined
How can we do that?
Thet sent in US or CA so I can't do much, but the website is BBB . Org

This had happened to me too ;;


this is not support - they are cheating and didnt inform what to do... i think every answers is automated

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