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Ticket being closed with no resolution or contact?

Is anyone else getting their tickets closed without any reason or contact attached? I keep get a notification saying my tickets been closed (within about 12 hours of my first contact) but no reason to why, no completion reason or anything like that and this has happened multiple times on two different tickets. 

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the same issue 

i filled properly some surveys :"u have been credited " and no points 

even with a proof they do not credit

the gain is only for 

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i gonna warn some admi who use their service :some adm gonna delete this offerwall on their sites

keep on reporting

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They deleted my ticket and I cannot seem to view it. What is wrong with this site?

many complaints cause  they do not credit report to the site adm 

i reported to some sites  the pb

when i will get the answers i will post 

ya no answers tickets closed scammers earning money with data

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the issue is they recorded your answers filling some surveys with no points for us but only money is for them

report the pb to the sites  adm where is this offerwall

i talked to the admin he says i should talk with your support

that sucks 

which adm?

the admin from the site where the offer is

ok express

no again closed without helping personaly are scammer wanna data not more

same with me, i have complete survey honestly and send screenshot proof but they closed my tickect !

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