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What a bunch of lies and even more bullshit!

This information is completely inaccurate and totally misleading. I had a ticket just last week that was closed in 3 days automatically even AFTER I replied with the information that was requested as "proof" by!!!! And saying that the "agent" will reply gives the impression that we will receive a reply from an actual person - a human being - which isn't the case at all. If we are "lucky" enough to even receive any response at all it is an automated reply - generated by a bot, not a person. I actually Googled "what is the definition of an agent," and EACH and EVERY definition says an AGENT is a PERSON who is acting on behalf of another PERSON. In addition, the only reply I have actually EVER received was an automated response that DID NOT even address the issue that caused me to send a ticket in the first place. I have submitted several (at least a dozen if not more) help requests over the past couple years and I ALWAYS get the EXACT SAME auto-response that doesn't pertain to the issue I've had AT ALL. Just about every single thing in this "help" section is a complete and total lie on Persona.lys end. Calling this a "HELP" section is also extremely misleading - rather, it should be called the "bullshit," "unhelpful," "inaccurate" or flat-out "LIES" section instead. Also, for what it's worth, about 90% of the tickets I've ever submitted never even receive a reply at all from support - yet they get closed automatically after 3 days and then it says we are the ones that didn't provide a response. Another LIE. I don't know why I'm bothering to even write/send this - I'm sure it won't even be read by a human being, let alone receive a reply or any type of actual resolution. That's okay though - I am going to share my complaints (that's COMPLAINT with an S because I have multiple issues with with several GPT site/app users and admins in an attempt to persuade them to end their relationship with altogether. Perhaps the admins will actually make some changes/resolve some issues/complaints if it's hurting their wallet and affecting their income in a negative manner. Oh well - I feel a bit better getting this bitch-fest off my chest and that's enough for me. Thanks for everything - you're THE BEST!! Whoops... there I go... apparently the lying is contagious cuz now I'm doing it, too!
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