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Issue not solved

If you guys can't pay people for an offer. Don't put up such offer on your wall !

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what does the ticket mean is closed? are you scum? I did not get my money and answer why! Bastards!

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They never pay and they keep closing my tickets aswell without any answer, even after i send them proofs of completed offer. Don't waste ur time on this scam guys.

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telling me i did not complete the offer i send them 20 screenshots of every detail they still say i didnt do anything gonna contact a lawyer soon.

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If you guys won't pay me i'll deal with you the Spiritual way
They are trying to screw me too. Sent the proof and then they closed the ticket. I told them they have until Wednesday to credit or I'm prosecuting them and the partner. This is fraud.
Yeah I also sent them an email confirmation of completion that i received and they sent me an email saying " this is not the end page of our offer" whatever that means....and closed my ticket.. And this has been multiple times i have completed an offer on this wall that has been more than $3.00 and haven't been credited and got the same lame response. And the thing that disturbs me is my CC is charged for these trials and can't get refunded when I realize I'm being scammed. I'm going to create a youtube and google post exposing as a fraud. I'll bet you they are getting paid by the advertisers when larger offers are completed and then not crediting the people doing the offers, which is an actual crime called theft by deception. Stay tuned.
Yep. Getting scammed too. It's just like 6 cents for downloading sticher into my phone. Seems like it's just an automated response and no actual person reads these.

they owe me 1500 points keep closing tickets telling me i didnt complete it when i did and sent them proof

Same problem. I’m getting so angry.

I read reviews about this site, many talk about the poor quality of customer service. I also have a lot of unpaid offers. There is probably a way out of this situation. You need to contact the address of the site that redirects polls. Because, only he bears full responsibility for the provided resource. And if abuse and fraud is discovered, he is simply obligated to terminate the contract with the site "scammer"

Where my 100 cents for complated 5 quiz? Are you normal peoples or want to sit in prison for swindled.

Yeah is big scam I did two offers for around 500 credits each. I opened a ticket and gave them the screenshots they asked for. Then, THEY DIDN'T EVEN REPLY! All they did was close the ticket. If your gonna fuck me over this hard, THEN WHY ASK FOR PROOF THAT YOU DAMN WELL KNOW YOUR NOT GONNA CHECK?! I’m done with and it’s sad because AQW (yes I still play this game) only uses for their EARN FREE ACS scam. I hope this entire sceme dies off and the company fails. 0/10.
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