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A warning to those seeking free credits

I've gone ahead and warned several people about this particular offer distributor on reddit , discord , IMVU forums , and several others. I want to spread as much awareness as possible that not only does this specific distributor scam people but they leak credit card information as well link to copy-cat unsecure sites. Basically sites that may look like the real thing but if you pay attention to the URL , I'm actually hoping to have an investigation launched on this company in hopes that they're caught for their crimes. I do have screenshots to back up my claims and i've contacted a few people to see if i can pull a case on this distributor. 

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Thanks for the heads up!

Have they stolen anything? I kinda get the hint about scamming but I have the bigger idea that this might be some kind of Cambridge Analytica thing.

Either way, it does seem to to have an element of theft by deception, so police can be involved in the takedown in any jurisdiction pending further intensive investigation.

Going to be fun watching this on TV :)

Did anything ever come from this?
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