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What the hell are they doing?

Hello Guys,

i started 2 f**ng Tickets and everytime this support closed them without an answer.

What the hell is going on? i had never any problems with reward but this is a big reward. i need this.

Look at the attachment. 

I write in german but i think they use a translator or maybe ask if i can also write in english.

they do nothing.

(38.4 KB)
(55 KB)

Hey - your pics are too little/small. I am having trouble getting my points thru and I am giving them proof I have a paid account for the service in the offer and have provided it to them and they say they contacted the said service and they don’t have a record of me. I produced receipts to and now they have gone dark and are ignoring me.



yes they r ignoring me too. i cant understand that unprofessional handling about offers

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